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November 19,2023
Pastor Gary Porter/ Encounter Church


It has passed by the great places that man accolades and reveres. It is coming mightily upon a
nameless, faceless people.
I am right now raising men and women of no high place or known of men but they are known of
Me. They have rent their hearts, Cleansed their hands, Humbled themselves before Me. I have now
anointed and appointed them.

The hidden sins of those in My House who have refused My call to repent will be set aside. Be not
troubled nor dismayed as a Holy Fire has come forth from My Holy of Holies and I will make My
Bride Glorious without any blemish. Come draw near. Fully Surrender. Fully Yield. Fully Commit.
Fully Embrace. Fully Order your ways to My Ways.

Great fires of Revival in these Great Last Days Harvest will be seen in the small places that will ignite
and I will fan the flame until entire cities are set afire. The Sinner will cry out for Mercy. The
Prodigals will come in droves broken and repentant. Receive them with open arms and hearts. Love
them, Accept them, Celebrate them. Prepare your storehouse. Do not let the Harvest fall away.
Fully capture it and bring it into My House.

Be ready My People for a Great Shaking in Your Nation is coming and has begun. Obey My Word
and Follow the Leading of the My Spirit. I have a plan and will faithfully guide you thru the days
ahead. Do not be lazy or Slow to Obey. I will be your Tower of Refuge.

Sunday February 26 6PM
Pastor Gary Porter

Many in the Church say they are waiting on Me says the Lord, but I have been waiting
on you! I am always willing and able. I am always desiring to show Myself to all men
everywhere of My Goodness and My Grace. But you are My People. You are My Voice.
You are My Hands. You are My Feet. You are My Body. I do not have another body. I do
not have another voice. I do not have another set of hands. I have no other feet. So I
reveal Myself to you My People and say I have made you for this time. I have
appointed you for this hour. I have called you for this day. I can do all things through
you. The things you cannot do I can readily do. I am here on the earth working in you
and through you in this day and yes, there are giants in the land. They may not be the
Nephilim that Noah had to deal with or that David had to deal with but they are giants
in the realm of the spirit. But I am here to tell you as your Father that I have equipped
you with the Rock of Ages. So that you can sling the Stone at those giants and bring
them down! THEY WILL FALL! Mighty giants will fall and some of them will fall quickly
but I need men and women of FAITH who will stand up and who can speak to those
giants and decree and declare My Promises and My Will. I said that through you My
Church that I would advance against the gates of hell and it cannot and will not prevail
against you if you will rise up in FAITH and if you will walk in LOVE and if you will be led
by MY SPIRIT and if you will PROPHECY and DECREE and DECLARE the things that I have
said unto you to say and to do the things I have asked you to do then NOTHING SHALL

My Eyes have gone to and fro over the face of this nation and over this earth and there
is a multitude of men and women right now in this city and this nation and this earth.
Young and old makes no difference to Me. They have responded to My Voice and I am
filling them. I have empowered them for service. I have equipped and enabled them. I
have envisioned them for the task that I have set before them to do. I have set tasks,
specific tasks before each and everyone of you here tonight. Tasks that are your
responsibility in the Kingdom. They are your assignment to what I have called you to
do. You can pass on them and I will take that mantle and hand that mantle onto
another if you choose not to accept it. The choice will be yours. But I call you to heed
the call of the Spirit that is right now speaking to your spirit and He is saying “Yield to
Me and Surrender to Me and Come to Me. Humble yourself before me and I will use
you in a Mighty, Mighty way”.

Do not dismiss yourself for what you do not know for I can give you all wisdom and
knowledge and understanding and revelation.. Have I not said if you lack wisdom to
come and ask of Me and I would give it to you liberally without measure. There is no
amount of wisdom and insight and revelation that I do not have. There is no problem
facing you or your city or your nation or your family that I do not have the power and
answer to and that I am not readily available to give to any who would step into FAITH
and decree and Declare My Plans and Purposes and who will work My Will.
This is an Hour that I am raising up My Body. I said through the Apostle that I am
coming for a GLORIOUS BRIDE. She is and will be without spot or wrinkle or blemish.
She will be deficient in nothing. Nothing in Glory. Nothing in Power. Nothing in
Splendor. Nothing in Might. COME! I invite you to come and be a wise Bridesmaid
whose Lamp has been fully trimmed. Now is the time to start separating from things
and activities and associations that have taken away the oil of that Lamp. Draw close to
Me. I am going to fill that Lamp tonight and I am going to continually refill it. I am going
to send you a Greater Glory.

What I look for in you and what I look for in others is that I look for FAITHFULNESS.
When I said through My Apostle to his spiritual son to look for those who are FAITHFUL
in what they do because I WILL enable them and I WILL equip them and I WILL visit
with them and empower them. I NEED FAITHFULNESS. I need Obedience to My Word.
Obedience to being led by My Spirit. As you do so you will be challenged. Yes, You
mightily challenged. But you are going to grow in a measure of My Grace that you have
never grown in before. Like muscles that have to be exercised against resistance. The
resistance that has been set against you will only strengthen the fortitude of your heart
and your spirit and will greater clarify your understanding of mind to know the plans
and purposes that I have established for and in you. You will begin to think with much
greater clarity. Much greater wisdom. You will begin to speak with these and there will
be a greater boldness that will come upon you. THIS IS NOT AN HOUR TO SHRINK
BACK! It is an hour that I have called the Nehemiah’s and the Esther’s and the
Mordecai’s and the David’s and the Daniel’s and the Shadrach’s, Meshach’s and
Abednego’s and others who have come before them and stood up and had to face in
their hour what you are facing in your hour. That was their fight. This is your fight. That
was their time. This is your time. Since I am the same God yesterday, today and forever
and I change not what I was for them I will be for you. I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! I WILL

Tonight I have quickened and pricked your ears. As My Son spoke to them that they
could not hear so I speak to you tonight that you do hear and will hear what I have
quickened within your spirit. A greater ability to perceive what I am speaking. Not only
what I speak directly to you by My Spirit to your spirit but also what I speak to you as
you observe the conditions around you and I will give to you a Spirit of Discernment to
recognize and discern and understand those things to be able to speak My Will, Pray
My Will and act on My Will and respond with My Will to the things that you see. I am
also going to remove the fears that have plagued you in the past. Fears that held you
down and kept you back. Fears that have silenced your voice. There will be a new
Boldness that I have put there in you. It did not come from you. It did not from man it
came from Me. A fearless spirit because you know your God. A spirit that enables you
to speak and proclaim My Will. I set My Fire on you tonight My Sons and Daughters.
Holy Fire. Holy Fire. Holy Fire. That Fire will not only ignite you and engulf you it will
purify you. It will cleanse you. It will heal you. It will deliver you. It will lift off those
things that weigh and encumber you. It will refine you like refined GOLD and you will
see the Glory of the One within you shine forth like you have never seen before.
So now draw near to Me because your are going to experience what you have asked
for. You are going to grow into the fullness of the stature of the measure of the Son of
God that is in you and you will reveal His Glory with Great Glory and with Great Honor
and Great Power. Ready your heart and ready your mind to receive it. Be ready. So
now be quick to hear and quick to respond.

Prophecy given by Tim Parrish June 25, 2023

“This is My Church’s finest hour!  They that be with you are more than is with all those that are plotting against you and have even arrayed themselves against you to destroy your lives, your callings and your ministries of these last days.  Their schemes and plots shall fail that they have planned to shut the voice of My Church. So also shall their plans to defeat and take over this nation that is covenanted with Me!  I decree that  America shall be saved by My mighty hand!

I will use the remnant of My Church, I call you My Firebrands! You are My Firebrands that will operate with Radical Faith to move the mountains out of the way! My Firebrands shall fulfill John 14: 12-14 “Truly I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works that these he shall do because I go to My Father. Whatever you ask in My name that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If you ask anything in My Name I will do it.”

You, My Firebrands who believe in Me shall do greater works than even I did while I ministered three and one half years on earth.  Mighty signs, wonders and demonstrations by My Father, Great God Jehovah doing His mighty works through you just as He did through Me that I mentioned in john 14:10 when I said it was the Father in Me doing the works. 

The Father in Me is the Father in You, I am in you, My Father is in You, Holy Spirit is in You My Believers this day and the rest of the Days! Know that you are in the last days and as My Firebrands you shall do the mighty signs and wonders in the earth!  You will even stop the mouths of lions those in the natural realm as well as those in the spiritual realm that would try to devour you!

You will stop the giants that come against you. The will fall faster than Goliath fell for David. You will do this because you will walk in Radical Faith by My Word’s power and Holy Spirit’s Anointing in you! You have to Know and remember that they with you are more than those that have set themselves against you!  You are surrounded by so great a cloud of warring angels and ministering angels that I have assigned for these last days to bring in the Father’s Harvest!  

At the same time in the United States I will stop the bureaucrats in government and in the religious church world. Their deceitfulness will be exposed. They will turn on one another. They will devour one another and fight among themselves even in the media that is covering for them. I will cause their every scheme and plot to fully be exposed and they will fall into the very traps that they have set to destroy this nation and enslave the world.

I have ordained that America and My Glorious Church to be the shining light of My Gospel to the world. This is why it is Your Finest Hour! It is My Church’s Finest hour and days!  All of the great cloud of witnesses here in Heaven are rejoicing over you! They see what your books have recorded for you and they see the great plans that My Father has written about you and what I have for you My Church on the Earth!

I am the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, I am the ruler of the Church My body on the Earth! You have My authority! You have been given the earth as your possession. You have been given Heaven as your possession fulfilling what Melchizedek said to Abraham.  I am seated in Heaven with My Father. You have a seat here with Me. So, Come boldly to My throne. Come boldly to My Father’s throne to fellowship with Me and fellowship with My Father and know fully that My ministering spirits hearken to My Word! I am the Champion of Champions! Worship Me and we both worship My Father and Your Father who is Greater than all!

Just as I fed the five thousand and the four thousand plus the women and children and walked on the water and stopped the raging storms, You will be doing things greater than these things in these last days.  Be Not Afraid! Believe Only!  Boldly make your declarations of Faith!  Speak to the mountains and they shall be cast into the seas!  You move the mountains by speaking the words of faith.  

You will see a miraculous turnaround in one day’s time! It will happen in one day that I will cause the wealth transfer of the wicked to come into the hands of the righteous redeemed in a twenty four hour period!  You will see the miraculous transformation of the greatest wealth transfer into your hands and accounts from one day to the next! How shall it be done? You ask. It shall be done by My Mighty Hand! 

Believe My Word and believe My prophets and preachers! Do not speak ill willed words against My prophets and preachers. Be cautious what you accuse My anointed ones of doing and saying.  They seek My face and walk the narrow way that I have called them to walk to hear what I am saying and doing in these hours and days. 

Stand up for the Kingdom of God. Be obedient to the Word of the Lord.  When you seek Me from your spirit you shall find Me.  Meditate these truths, meditate in the Spirit and I will show you the Impossible to be possible for you Right Now!  Says the Lord Jesus, King of Kings!